Data on Dialysis

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Welcome to Arpana Seva Samsthe

We are a nonprofit organization formed in 2008. It is a group of dedicated, spirited young people, to channel the help received from all helpful souls to the needy in the society.

ARPANA is committed to making the prohibitively high cost of renal health care affordable to patients. This cause is vastly under-supported with very little awareness of the underlying implications of the perpetual nature of this ailment. Most diseases have a cure. End Stage Renal Failure (Chronic Kidney Disease) lasts endlessly. A patient has to spend a minimum of Rs. 6000/- per month towards dialysis apart from other medication.

We in ARPANA are working to channelize help from all parts of society, to serve this noble cause. Arpana is a voluntary organization that is funded entirely by the generosity of its donor.

It is looking for help from generous people to expand its reach and serve the needy ones.

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